Fall to Winter

Poem #1 in new bi-weekly poetry series

Rebecca Koch, Dedicated Writer

Fall leaves on the ground,

Fall leaves all around,

Strong, holding on to strands of grass, 

Though fragile, easily smashed like glass,






Snow starts 

to fall around, 

Strong, it will not back down,

Getting rid of leaves of color, 

Leaves reaching to stay safe from snow

The leaves keeping hold of fall, 

Yet snow pushing winter, 


For a price, 

One season still remaining

Winter, Christmas, gaining, 

fall, to be vanishing, 

Though fall’s position pessimistic

Due to winter ́s reign ballistic,

Hope is found past Thanksgivingś end,

What happy moments that families spend,

Cuddled up with one another,

With great Christmas presents

For children on the nice list


Fall may be going away,

But happy feelings will remain,

With winter, Christmas day.

A way for families to come together,

Be thankful once more, like November,

No matter the season all is sound,

As long as you have loved ones to be around.