Christmas Memories


Adela Bajerova, Dedicated writer

Favorite Christmas Memory

I emailed 9 staff/teachers and 3 responded 


My favorite Christmas memory is going to a cozy cabin with my family in Red Feathers Lake. We played games, read books, went tubing, snuggled by the fire and drank hot cocoa. I love quality family time!”

  • Sandy Kraus, 7th math                                                       


“My fondest Xmas memory and present was my first bike when I was six years old.  I wasn’t allowed to have a bike with training wheels so when I ran out of my room and saw that Santa left me a BMX bike I was ecstatic!  My dad taught me how to ride my new bike that Christmas afternoon and it only took me a couple of falls. I remember that Xmas like it was yesterday.”  

  • Ryan Fitzgerald, 8th science


My wife and I lived in a small townhouse when we were first married.  She and I were so excited to celebrate our first Christmas together that we went out and bought the biggest Christmas tree we could find.  Little did we realize that the tree was too big for our living room!  When we had put up the tree, it filled up the entire room. There was literally no place to move and we had to squeeze around it to get into and out of our front door.”

  • Michael Wedermyer, 7th science