How to Draw a Festive Hummingbird

Natalie Franczyk, Dedicated Writer

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Are you into drawing animals? Have fun creating this five-step cute bird, possibly just in time for the holiday season. 

By: Natalie Franczyk


  1. Collect your supplies. 

For this piece, you will be using mixed media. Grab some watercolor paper, along with watercolors and Prismacolor pencils. 


  1. Find a reference.

Unless you are Picasso (which is very unlikely) you will need to find a reference for what you are planning to make. Although this is preferably a real picture, other artist’s creations are also a great recourse. 


  1. Start with a sketch. 

Usually, you would want to start with a pencil sketch, but because you are using watercolor/mixed media, this will not help you. In order to keep the outlines out of the piece, you will look at your picture and figure out the main color. You will then draw your sketch with it. Start with the head, and fill in your proportions based on it. Continue with the body, and then the wings and tail.


  1. Paint with watercolor. 

This will keep the consistency going well. You will not paint much- just dashes of the color on the tail and wings. 


LET DRY UNTIL NOT WET (30 min-1 hour, depending how much paint you used)


  1. Color with Prisma Colors. 

This part is fun! In order to express the fast motion of this bird, blend the colors out well, matching each consistency. 


  1. Paint with watercolor (again!!!).

Let your piece dry. Paint over the rest of the bird with bright flashes of watercolor. Finish your eyes and beak with black watercolor and JellyRoll Pen.