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What’s going on in W.E.B. this month? Edition 2 Volume 2

Lillian Blackham, Dedicated Writer

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Hello! Everyone! I’m Lillian the wonderful magical W.E.B. leader here to inform you about what’s up in W.E.B. this month.

Spider Time!

In 6th grade, we were taught about a few skills to help us throughout the school year. This is known as Spider Time.
Our second Spider Time happened on the 11th of December. W.E.B. leaders put a lot of effort into making this lesson great! The lesson that was taught this time was a lesson on stress-relief and letting go of your “heavy” things.


Please feel free to email me any questions you have about W.E.B. I will gladly answer them! Email me at [email protected] For now, I will be answering the questions I had about W.E.B. when I was a 6th and 7th grader.

How many people are in W.E.B.?

We have about 76 people in W.E.B. here at Westlake!


How often is Spider Time?

As of right now, Spider Time happens once a quarter.



This month, we were supposed to have a hot chocolate social for the 6th graders but because of some delays and other issues, it was moved to after winter break. So I’ll be interviewing a W.E.B. leader about how Spider Time went:

Maya Schulez, W.E.B. leader, said: “I was nervous at first, but it ended up going really well.”


W.E.B. Leader’s Advice for Middle School

Have you ever felt lost and alone? I have! Yes, even a W.E.B. leader can feel lost and alone. I’ll give you a little hint on how to overcome your difficulties.

I know who coming to a new school feels like. In 5th grade, I moved here to Colorado and I was alone and socially awkward for quite some time. I found that drawing and writing and reading helps me to be satisfied with myself.
So my advice is to find what makes you smile, what makes you happy and do that! It will keep you going and allow you to enjoy middle school.