The Fall of Youtube

Abigale Stucke, Dedicated Writer

Youtube has been on the internet for 13 years.  Lots of people loved it, hitting the like button, subscribing to youtube channels, commenting, and watching their favorite Youtubers.

Recently Youtube announced a new update coming sometime this year in 2020. COPPA, which means “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” is requiring Youtube to make a change regarding kid-friendly content videos.

Many people who saw the news are complaining about the change, which is that Youtube is putting an option to see if the channel’s video is made for kids or not. If the content is made for kids, the comment section will be turned off.

By January 1st, Youtube will have started getting the new rules online, and Youtube is hoping the new rule of COPPA will help protect children who are online from inappropriate videos that target kids.

Do you disagree or agree with the new rule of Youtube?