How the Whos Stole Christmas

Braydie Thede and Shaelyn Bougie, Dedicated Writers

As the sleigh bells started ringing, and the Grinch started singing, all through Whoville, the Whos scattered about. Screaming, grunting, and laughing about.

‘’Your voice sounds like St. Nick is sick! And his personality is too!’’ laughed Gerry the Who. 

‘’I will not take your criticism this year! Enough is enough it’s Christmas time you old fleer!’’

So, like every year, the Grinch went on with his day and ignored what all of the Who’s had said and carried on with his day. 

He went to the Christmas tree store and found the biggest Christmas tree ever! Good thing he had all different machines that had the power to lift up to one ton. 

The Who’s booed and howled as the Grinch lugged his tree up his mountain. Once he got to the top where he lived, he set up the Christmas tree right by his window. He loved opening the curtains so everyone could see his tree and he could brag about it when all the other people hated everything about the snowy season. 

He had made all different Christmas decorations for his tree every year. But this year, he had a better idea that would take up most of his time. So, he decided to just use old Christmas decorations that he had made in the previous years. 

He put the biggest ornaments on the bottom getting smaller towards the top where the biggest star ever appeared. He loved the star on the tree. It made him happy. 

‘’Take that ugly caboot down!’’

‘’I refuse. I will not listen to unintelligent Whos.’’

And the Grinch went on with his day once again. 

He hated it when the Whos climbed his mountain just to criticize him.

‘’Finally it is Christmas Eve.’’ sighed the Grinch as he walked into his perfectly furnished house with Santas, red and green all over. 

The one thing thing the Grinch loved most about Christmas was Santa. You know spreading all that Christmas joy and all. 

Once it started to get dark, he decided to get to bed early so that the best day EVER could come!

But he was awakened by some noises toward the middle of the night.  So, he got up and made his way to the front of the house where the tree, stockings, and presents were. They were all surrounded by a group of angry Whos trying to take his presents! He couldn’t believe his eyes. 

‘’WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” screeched the Grinch.



‘’W-we-th-thoug-thought since Christmas was about all the gifts you got, without them, you would not like Christmas anymore and be so sad.’’

‘’That is not the way it works. I don’t care if I have any presents at all. I just want to have the joy of Christmas.’’

‘’Well, we did this for nothing.’’ 

‘’No you didn’t. How about I share some of my presents with you and tomorrow evening, you can have Christmas dinner with me!’’

‘’We might like that. When should we come over?’’

‘’ Maybe around 3.’’

‘’Okay!’’ they all shouted at the same time. 

So, the Grinch and all the Whos lived happily ever after and celebrated Christmas every year together while making new traditions.