Penny’s Perspective on People

Penny, the hedgehog.

Penny, the hedgehog.

Carter Watt, Dedicated Writer

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Hi, I am Penny! I’m a 7-month-old hedgehog, and I love to run on my wheel! I live in a huge mansion it has a wheel, food, water, and even a green tube! Every two weeks my mansion gets cleans, which makes me so mad because I love to be dirty! I will be sharing my point of view with you every week! Let me tell you why I decided to write this biweekly brief for you: First, I want to entertain people! Second, I want to show the life of a hedgehog so people like you know what you’re getting into! Lastly, I want people to know that being a hedgehog has pros and cons! There you go, that’s all you need to know about what’s coming up every two weeks! Stay tuned!