The Tabby Cat

Week 1 Beat Brief(Cat Breeds)

Lauren Falardeau, Dedicated Writer

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A new series. Each week I will be giving information and fun facts about different cat breeds! If you have a cat that matches the breed of the upcoming short, send a picture to [email protected].

Tabby Cats

The tabby is a very common cat to have as a pet. They have unique patterns covering their bodies and come in any coat color. According to Wikipedia “ Tabby is not a breed of cat but a coat type seen in almost all genetic lines of domestic

Lauren Falardeau’s Tabby Cat Reese

cats.” This pattern often includes stripes and blotches covering the cat’s body with an M shaped mark on their forehead. It is found on breeds of cats like the domestic shorthair, but people still call them tabby cats because of other traits that come with this coat. Tabby cats are considered  the most extroverted and social cats of all breeds.

Next week’s cat will be the Siamese cat. Send us a picture of your Siamese to be featured!