My Scary Little Secret

Chapter 1 the beginning

Kaylynn Waldron, Dedicated Writer

This is the first installment in a new short story series.


Chapter 1: The Beginning

       Twenty years ago something terrible almost happened. My name is Sarah J. Nolen and I want to tell you my story. At the time I was living in Washington D.C. and was 28 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes.

     That day, I remember I was wearing a leather jacket on top of a tight black dress that went down to my ankles but didn’t cover my dark purple heels. My hair was tied back in a sloppy bun with a purple hair tie. It was the year 2027 and I was walking home from work around 2:38 pm. I hated my job and was so tired that I could barely walk home from work every day. That day I had almost gotten fired because I had the guts to tell a customer that the owner also owned a wax bar and it was failing. Apparently, that man was my boss’s old friend, and he ratted me out.

     I was about 5 blocks from my apartment when it started to drizzle. It wasn’t that bad and my house was close, so I just kept walking. After one block the droplets became bigger and multiplied so I ran for cover. I lived by a small forest and it was closer, so I ran to the trees for cover. I ran across the street, through a gate and over some roots. I can run pretty well in heels. (Because a woman in D.C. needs to know how to quickly abandon a creepy date). 

     Once I realized I had gone a little deeper than I had intended to, I stopped a bit too suddenly and tripped over a rock. I was about to hit the ground when strong arms grabbed my waist and lifted me up. I spun quickly around to see who it was. The person was a man around my age, I think. He had big muscles, blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a slight tan and… Wait a minute, let me say it this way. He looked like a kid would look like if Dwayne Johnson and Meg Ryan had a kid. I was about to thank him and get on with my life when he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of lined paper. He handed it to me and made a letter opening motion. I frowned, not knowing what to do, then decided it wasn’t the worst pick up line ever, even though it was up there.  I shrugged, and then unfolded the paper. It read: 

       My name is Edath and I can’t talk. I can write though. 

        I looked at him disgusted. I lowered my head getting ready to reject yet another desperate guy. I thought about what I was going to say for a moment and then looked up. I frowned because Edath was nowhere to be seen. I did a 360 on my heel and spotted him running deeper into the woods. 

       “Hey!” I called.

      Edath turned around upon hearing me yell, and looked at me for a second with a gaping mouth. It took me a second to realize that he wasn’t looking at me but past me and at the city. He made a spinning motion with his finger and I turned around. I saw that a building was on fire and stiffened as the smell of smoke filled my nose. I felt someone open my hand and shove something into it. I turned around and saw Edath. There was a grim look in his eyes. I recognized that look, though I didn’t know how. I quickly opened the letter, scrambling to read it and inside there was a note that read: 

       Please help me. I need you to help me save those people. My mother and family are there. I can’t save them on my own and the firefighters won’t help me.  They don’t care about individuals. Please I beg you. 

       I glanced at him then back at the paper. I nodded and looked back at the fire which had already spread throughout the block and was moving at a rapid pace. Innocent people were dying. I wasn’t the hero type. I never stood up for anyone or showed any remorse for them. I hadn’t helped my 5-year-old son when I got divorced. I hadn’t helped my father when my mom died, I had just moved here. I had never been the one to take action but at that moment, guilt filled my heart and I thought to myself, ‘What do I have to lose?’

     All of a sudden, a person leaped from the burning building onto one untouched by the flames. I squinted my eyes at the building, surprised and curious and saw him disappear into one. Edath put his hand on my shoulder, and I looked at him. His eyes seemed to be full of sadness and regret. It was time that I took action and actually tried for once in my life. This man’s family could die. I could at least try to save someone else’s family, after making zero efforts to help my own. I took out my ponytail and used it to pull the bottom of my dress into a loopy knot, and smashed the tall heel of my shoe against a rock making them flats. Then I grabbed his grimy hand, and we both sprinted down to the city, unaware that this was only the beginning of our nightmarish day.

Next chapter coming soon….