Penny’s Perspective on People – ENTRY #2!


Carter Watt

Penny’s Beats Two: 1-13-2020

Welcome back to my beat! My Christmas break was so, so boring! My master, Carter, played with me, and we watched movies; he needs better taste in movies!  We watched The Secret Life of Pets. The wolves were jerks so I hissed back at them because I hate wolves. They were very scary!

Christmas day was really cold. My master woke up early and ran upstairs to open gifts.  I ran on my wheel like a normal hedgehog and did normal hedgehog things. Then, I just waited and waited, until I fell asleep. Finally, Carter ran downstairs, and I woke up with a fright. He had an awesome fur tube for me. He put it in my home, and some new toys too. I hated the fur tube!  It smelled like a skunk, and the fur didn’t taste very good! Then I moved to a new cage. Trust me it was tiring because my muscles were weak from that day! I’ll be back next week! See you later!