Penny’s Perspective on People – ENTRY #3!

Carter Watt, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Journal – #3 – January 20th, 2020

Hello! I have been loving the new cage I got for Christmas.  My master Carter has been trying to get me to eat worms. EEWWWW!   I’m vegan and he’s not getting the hint. My master has been taking me out for a long time at night, one time until 10 pm, which is definitely past my bedtime!

He’s been reading a lot, which isn’t great for me because I need his attention! One day he read for an hour! I was worried about him because he looked tired.  He did take me out of my cage that day and I was scared I was going to get the sickness that he has gotten. A couple of days later he looked like a zombie because of all of the books he was reading. He has been trying to introduce books and reading to me, and when I’m sitting on the book, I start to poop (hehe).

He got this berry stuff and put it in my food bowl.  I just ate around the berries.  Hopefully he gets the hint!

I’ll be back next week! See you later!