Braydie Thede, Dedicated Writer

    This week, Braydie Thede is going to be talking about the book Countdown by Deborah Wiles, which is about the Cold War.

This book is historical fiction and mentions some techniques on how children and adults during that time would keep themselves safe. This book talks about how a girl named Franny Chapman lives in Washington D.C. and is fighting with her best friend, Margie, over a letter hidden by her sister, who has disappeared.  Her ‘’crazy’’ Uncle Otis, gets flashbacks about bad events that happened in his past related to the war.  Meanwhile, Franny’s brother Drew, never lies to their mom but keeps one secret about ‘’the pit’’ which they go to every day after school – and sometimes the girls go with the cute neighborhood boy, who they end up feuding over. 

In the end, Margie and Franny make up and are friends again. Franny finds out where her sister is and her life turns back to normal. And the Cubans stop threatening to bomb America. And all is well in Franny’s life again until something bad happens in the pit that leaves her, the cute neighborhood boy, Drew, and Margie frightful.

I think this book is a good book because it explains something that has happened in history but it also introduces the topic in a fun way. This book includes pictures which I also think helps people learn about the topic. This book made me not want to put it down. I think this book is interesting because there are mysteries and questions that you seem that you have to find out the answer to within every page. 

I recommend this book for anyone in search of a fun, educational, and captivating mystery, especially for middle schoolers around the age of 11-13 because while this book has some tough vocabulary, it is a good learning resource and fun to read. 

Stay tuned for next week to read Shaelyn Bougie’s book review for the book Slob by Ellen Potter.