Penny’s Perspective on People #5!

Carter Watt, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Beats Five: 2-21-2020


Hello! My week was amazing! My master wasn’t home! I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Don’t tell him but I started to run on my wheel at 8 pm! I usually run at 9 pm! I enjoyed it so much that I was able to move my legs out of bed. I started to draw different types of things, mostly dinosaurs because I was a dinosaur in my past life. I must have been a T-Rex because I’m so fearless and smart!

My cage has been cleaned! I am so mad because it wasn’t as bad as the other time! It smelled like a beautiful rose with a hint of cat food! It smelled so good I started to lick my cage walls, they tasted so gross, my face dropped when I licked it! When my master came back he smelled like a dumpster that got raided by skunks! Bye! See you next week!