Penny’s Perspective on People #6!

Carter Watt, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Beats Six: 2-24-2020

Hello! My week has been so creative, I kept drawing dinosaurs and even a picture of myself!  It looks pretty good, not going to lie! It’s beyond good, better than the word good!

I kept practicing drawing every night until I got it right. My master gave me paper to draw on, but sometimes I ate the paper. I tried to color on it, but that didn’t go so well – it looked like a green monster!

My master has been reading and now I’m really concerned about his health – he might die of reading! He has readobia – only 1% of people die from it, and I can’t lose him yet because I still need the treat bag…then I can lose him! He has been looking like a cat lately! EWW! When I was a dinosaur a cat tried to fight me! I was frightened! That’s it! Bye! See you next week!