Fortnite: Banned From School Yes or No?

Izzy Galloway, Dedicated Writers

Fortnite has been around ever since 2017. Kids between the ages of 11-13 , 63% Play Fortnite. Fortnite is an online shooter game with a game chat. The main objective of Fortnite is to be the last player standing. Kids have been influenced by this game’s violence and have brought it into schools, even child care “Kids nite out” with toys gun that they sell for $6.00. Many schools were aware of this violence and banned the game. I asked three students for their thoughts on the subject of Fortnite if it should be banned from Westlake. Their names that are interviewed are: Finlay M (8th grader), Alex Osetek (7th grader), and Mercedes K (6th grader).


Izzy: Have you ever played Fortnite? If so, how often do you play? If not, what

do you think of Fortnite?

Finlay: I played it once, for like 15 minutes at a friend’s house.

Alex: I’ve played Fortnight, but not often.

Mercedes: No. I think it’s stupid because killing people in a game is pointless, and it’s better to play in real life than in the virtual world. And the dances are stupid.


Izzy: Is there an age requirement in your mind?  How old should someone be to play?

Finlay: Probably about ten.

Alex: No.

Mercedes: I think an age requirement would be like eight or nine.


Izzy: Have you seen any kids play it in school? What were your thoughts?

Finlay: No. Fortnite shouldn’t be in school

Alex: No. I have not seen anybody play it in school.

Mercedes: I haven’t seen kids play it in school, but I saw there was a post on Youtube about a kid who stopped eating until his parents bought him v-bucks (Fortnite money).


Izzy: What about the education of the Fortnite players? Do you think that their attitudes are affecting others?

Finlay: Not really.

Alex: No. They’re just people that play Fortnite.

Mercedes: Yes. They are lazy and they play Fortnite all day.


Izzy: Do you wonder that Fortnite, in general, is spreading violence?

Finlay: No. Not as much as other games.

Alex: No.

Mercedes: Yes, because the came in centered on killing people virtually.


Izzy: So, what do you think? Should Fortnite be banned?

Finlay: I don’t think it should, but people should take a healthy consideration about it.

Alex: No. It’s just a game

Mercedes: Hmmmmmmmmmmm…(laughter)….(Inhales)… yes, Minecraft is superior. Seriously, ban Fortnite.


In conclusion, people have mixed opinions about Fortnite. So, which side are you on? Should be banned from Westlake Middle School, or not?