My Scary Little Secret Chapter 4: The Kidnapping

Kaylynn Waldron, Dedicated Writer

I woke up in a small bed. I looked at my watch and it read 4:47. I had been asleep for almost an hour and a half! I jumped out of the bed and out the bedroom door. Looking around this small room I realized it wasn’t the old house. Bruce must have moved me to a different location. I halted when I smelled coffee. I followed the smell outside and around the side of the house. Bruce was sitting on a piece of wood making coffee over a fire. When he saw me he gestured for me to sit. I was hesitant, but he didn’t look like he had a weapon so I sat across from him in case I needed to run. He passed me a mug of the warm drink and I took it. I looked at Bruce. Something looked different about him. His hair looked different from what I could see from under his hood, and he hadn’t said a word since I got there. I must have looked suspicious because he suddenly got up. His hood fell and I saw him. 


“Edath!” I exclaimed. What was he doing here? He whipped out a sharp  blade and I ran on instinct. He grabbed my arm. I struggled and kicked fighting to get free, screaming at the top of my lungs. His grip was strong and his hands were cold. I became tired of fighting and went limp in his arms. He turned me around so we were facing each other. As I looked at him I realized I had got him pretty good. He had a bloody cheek and scratch marks all over his arms. His left eye was as black as night and a chunk of hair was gone from his head. He looked at me with such anger in his eyes it was scary. Suddenly he let go of me and slapped me across the face.

 I fell to the ground, my cheek stinging. A mixture of pain and anger flowed through my body. I lifted my face off the ground and saw that his foot was wrapped in a bandage. I frowned wondering what had happened. I scanned him and saw a knife in his pocket. I gasped because I recognized it. It was the knife I had brought to the hut from Bruce! All of a sudden a thought came to my head. Where was Bruce!? As I slowly got to my feet, I looked up at Eadth and asked, “Where is Bruce?” he grunted and then did something so surprising I almost fell down again. Talked.


He said, “He’s fine……..for now.” His voice was low and deep and had a broken record sound to it. He must have seen the surprised look on my face because he said, “Let me explain some things to you. My real name is Death, but I changed some letters around to make the name Edath. I only told you I couldn’t talk so you would feel sympathy for me, and I can see that it worked. Your friend from the CIA or FBI, I can’t remember which, was snooping around and telling you too much so I disposed of him for the time being. If you want to see him again, you will follow my orders and no funny business or Bruce will be gone forever.” 


I was still stunned. I knew that I needed to snap out of it but I couldn’t. It was all too much for one day. If I had told myself that I would be here today I wouldn’t have believed it. My eyes started to water. Bruce had been captured and maybe hurt because of me. I wanted to cry, but before I could do anything Death started to walk so I followed him. I could barely think about where I was going as I formed a plan to save Bruce and stop everything that was about to happen.