Braydie and Shae’s Book Reviews!

Shaelyn Bougie, Dedicated Writer

     Welcome back to Braydie and Shae’s Book Reviews! This week, I, Shaelyn Bougie, am going to review the book Slob by Ellen Potter! This book is about a twelve year old boy who gets bullied a lot in school because he weighs 156 pounds. His name is Owen. He is friends with a girl who is in a club called GWAB (Girls Who Are Boys). Most of the people in the club cut their hair and dress like boys but they are actually girls.

Owen made a deal with his mom that he will only eat 3 Oreos a day but when someone starts stealing his cookies he can’t help it.

Even though Owen Birnbaum is the fattest kid in school, he’s also a genius who invents cool contraptions, like a TV that shows the past. Something happened two years ago that he needs to see so his contraption is important.

I would recommend this book to middle school students looking for something fun to read. I would rate this book a 8/10.