Lauren’s Cat Column – This week: The Maine Coon

(Week 3)

Lauren Falardeau, Dedicated writer

Liam Brunet’s Maine Coon cat, Kia.


      The Maine coon is one of the most popular cats and the largest domesticated cat breed. Many people have these cats for their intelligence, gentleness, and ability to socialize. They are also built to survive harsh weathers with features such as a bushy tail and tufted paws that act as snowshoes. According to Wikipedia, “Many Scientists believe that they were developed from wild cats and are actually not related to the raccoon.”  This is true even though their patterns are very similar to those of a raccoon.

Ms. Kaehny’s Maine Coon cat, Oliver.

Next week’s column will be about the Persian cat. Want to see your cat featured in Lauren’s Cat Column?  Send a picture of your cat – especially if it’s a Maine Coon or a  Persian cat – to [email protected].