My Scary Little Secret Chapter 5: The Escape from Death

Kaylynn Waldron, Dedicated Writer

I thought and thought about what to do, racking my brain for any ideas. My cheek was still stinging and I was so lost in thought that I almost ran into a tree. I stumbled and then caught my balance. We kept walking deeper into the forest until finally, we got to a huge clearing. I looked around at what seemed to be a never-ending cobblestone pathway that went up a hill and then disappeared behind the burning sun. We followed the path up the hill and when we got to the top, I abruptly stopped. The horror of what was below was unexplainable, but I’ll try to paint a picture for you.


Tents were set up in rows of ten, and columns of five. Men were hauling around different objects that varied from blocks of wood, to livestock, to guns or swords. Women and children were tied up to stakes like they were animals. Fires burned around the camp like forges waiting to be used. Death kept walking, and when he saw that I wasn’t following he growled and pointed to a group of men huddled around a tent. When I didn’t seem to understand he grunted again and said, “Bruce.”


I looked at him, fear in my eyes. He turned around and kept walking down the hill. I followed him, even though I knew that I was walking towards my death like a lamb to the slaughter.


Death led me to a tent and opened the flap, beckoning for me to go inside. As I walked in, I caught a glimpse of Bruce’s tent from over my shoulder. I sighed, wondering how I had gotten into this. Five hours ago I was working at my sucky job, and now I was in a camp for who knows what. I felt like crying out and bawling, but I knew that would only make Death think I was weak.


Once he had joined me in the tent I blurted out, “What is this horrible place and why am I here?


Death started to chuckle, then he started to laugh and soon it was uncontrollable. “Haven’t you figured it out by now. Foolish girl. This is my empire! I have been working on this since I went into hiding. Everything you were looking at was made by my own two hands.”


I was beyond angry now. “But my me? What did I ever do to you that would cause this much pain?” I yelled at him. Overwhelmed by this anger, I ran out of the tent and fought my way to Bruce’s tent demolishing anything that got in my way with inhuman strength. I found him inside, tied to a black stake. He was so surprised to see me that he banged the back of his head against the pole. I ran to the ropes binding his hands, and quickly untied them knowing that guards could come in at any second. Bruce looked at me dumbfounded, like he couldn’t believe what was happening. “Get up!” I yelled at him as guards came flooding into the tent. I grabbed his hand and flew out the back of the tent as the guards stood there unable to comprehend what had just happened. I ran towards a fenced-in area where horses whined and neighed out of boredom. I jumped it and Bruce followed, starting to like the idea of escaping. He grabbed a saddle, starting to come back to reality, as I cut the horses free. We flew out of the pen and rode, Bruce in front and me in the back tightly holding his waist. The other horses followed our lead and followed us, branching off at different times.


 As our horse galloped into the sunset I heard Death say, “Get those two idiots, dead or alive.”