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The weather this past weekend was really nice and I got outside and did some much needed yard work. I trimmed some branches off of trees, pulled weeds that are already growing and mowed the lawn. I just love the smell of freshly cut grass! I hope you are all helping your parents around the house, both inside and outside.



I finally decided to be brave and leave my house. I made a trip to PetSmart to get some snacks. I wore my mask in the store so I wouldn’t possibly spread COVID and to make others around me feel comfortable. I really miss going to public places and even just wandering around stores. I sure hope scientists come up with a vaccine soon so we can all get back to a more social life.






I love snow days! School was cancelled (haha) and I didn’t want to sit around in my pjs all day, do I decided to go outside and go sledding. I really love sledding down steep hills with the wind blowing in my fur. I really like making a jump at the bottom of the sledding hill and catching some air. The only drawback to sledding is that the snow balls up on my fur and it’s hard to remove. I decided to get in my hot tub after sledding to melt all the little snowballs frozen to my fur. I hope you all got outside and played in the snow today.




Yesterday was the coldest Easter on record since 1937, but I didn’t let that stop me from hunting for eggs that the Easter Bunny hid in my back yard. I put on my snow boots and warm coat and had a blast finding eggs hidden in the snow. I’m glad we had some dye in my house so my eggs weren’t plain white. That would have made it really hard to find them in the snow. I also did a Zoom chat with my family who lives far up in the mountains. It’s nice to see them because they don’t like to come to the city. I hope you all had a fabulous Easter and have a great week of remote learning!





Today I asked my neighbors if I could jump on their trampoline. I needed to take a break from all of the schoolwork I had been doing and I LOVE jumping on trampolines. Mine broke a while ago and I haven’t gotten a new one. I hope you are all getting your school work done, and also finding time to get outside and get some exercise. It’s important to find balance in your life so help keep your stress level down.


I’m trying to get all this remote learning stuff figured out. I’ve figured out how to find assignments from all of my teachers, but now I need to find a way to keep track of completed assignments and assignments I still need to finish. I really like being able to do my school work on my back patio, but I would much rather be back at school leaning with all of you!




Wow, the weather was grrrrrreat today! I got out and went on a bike ride. I love getting exercise, especially when I get to be outside. I hope you all got out and enjoyed the sunshine today as well.




Since we’re all quarantined to our homes, and don’t get to be together at school, I thought I would start a journal on the things I do from day to day. I have been staying in my den and social distancing the past few weeks. It gets lonely some days and other days I just want my family to leave me alone. Most nights I go sit alone in my hot tub and soak away my stress.  You wouldn’t think I have much to be stressed about, but sometimes thinking about Covid-19 stresses me out, and sometimes being “stuck” in my den so much stresses me out. I really enjoy alone time to just relax. I hope you are all doing well. Please come back often to see my updated posts. I miss you all!