Monday Pun Day Fun Day

Bronwyn Lemm

As we have been quarantined, the newspaper club doesn’t meet up and discuss newspapery thingies. But not to fear! Your favorite Pun Pals are still keeping up with the funnies and the punnies. Enjoy this week’s special issue of Monday Pun Day Fun Day! Be safe and wash your hands!

~The Pun Pals



Flu Puns

Why didn’t the guy catch the flu?

It flu over his head


What do you call doctors who make a vaccine for the flu?



What do you get when you cross the flu with footwear?

Aaaaaa Shoe


Did you hear about the gingerbread man with the flu? 

Don’t worry. You won’t catch it. 


Citation: Puns came from The Best Flu Puns – Punnstoppable