Choose Your Own Adventure: Westlake Addition

Choose Your Own Adventure: Westlake Addition

Leia Wilson, Dedicated Writer

Your parents recently moved to Colorado. You are starting at a new school known as Westlake Middle School. You are both scared and nervous about your adventures to come at this school. You are ready to take action into your own hands, and you are ready for the year to come. Decisions that you make throughout this year will decide how your life goes. Are you ready?

Chapter 1: Officially a Wolverine


It’s your first day of school! You have your backpack on your back, and you want to get to school fast to make sure you’re not late on your first day. 

As you arrive at the intimidating school, you notice several groups of students clumped together. You already know these first few days will determine which group you will be in. 

As soon as the bell rings, you head into the school. It is the middle of the year, so you know you don’t have time to goof off.

You quickly find your locker and read your combination. 

You try to put the combination in once. Then you try a second time, and a third.

Why isn’t your locker combination working? 

You immediately realize if you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late. What a great first impression. 

You think for a minute and realize you have two decisions on what to do to get your locker open.

You can either keep trying to open the locker by yourself, and risk being late to class, or you can try and get a teacher’s attention to have them help you and risk people thinking that you’re helpless. 

Which will you choose?


If you keep trying to open your locker by yourself, go to the section marked Do It Yourself.

If you decide to go get a teacher, go to the section Need a Teacher.


Do it Yourself


You decide to keep on trying to open your locker by yourself. The clock is ticking down, and you have only a few more minutes to make it to your first class. 

The hall is almost completely empty, and the few people who are still in the halls stare at you as they walk by. Some of their whispers make it to your ears, and you suddenly start to sweat. 

You know that at this point you are going to be late. You decide to start banging on the locker, knowing that it will do nothing. 

After countless tries, you get your locker open, nearly yelling with joy. By this time the bell had already rung.

You ran to your first class, which was math. You didn’t even know which classroom it was. 

When you finally walked into the right classroom, everyone was sitting and the teacher had started into the lesson. 

You walk to the back of the classroom, knowing that everyone is talking about you. What a way to start off the year.


Need a Teacher


You decide that you aren’t going to get anywhere without a teacher. Even if it did make you seem slightly helpless, at least you wouldn’t be late to the first class of the day. You knew that would be a lot more harming than being seen needing a teacher’s help. 

The teacher that you asked to help you opened your locker in less than ten seconds with a key. 

You had all of your things in your locker that you didn’t need right now and everything you did need in your hands.

You walked to your first class calm and relaxed, knowing that today was going to be a good day. You had waited for a while for this day to come, and you were glad that you weren’t going to start your time off at the school being late to class.

You were relieved to see that you were the first student to enter the classroom. You had plenty of time to put your supplies away and to choose from one of the empty seats. 

The classroom filled up very soon, and you introduced yourself to many of your new classmates.

After the bell rang, one of your classmates ran into the classroom apologizing to your teacher. The student was sent to the office. 

Good thing it wasn’t you.