First a Park, Then a Lake! Green Lake, Austria

First a park, then come spring, and it’s a giant lake!

In fact, the mountains and all the snow it receives, the lake refills itself every year when the snow melts, and the park suddenly becomes another version of Atlantis. When the lake reached its maximum depth, 40 ft, Green Lake is a prime spot for divers all over the world, exploring its green seas and interesting under-the-sea scenery.

Grüner Sea (meaning “Green Lake” in English) received this name because of the emerald-green waters that await the divers. The water is green because of the grass and foliage that grows on the bottom.

The lake is below the Hochschwab mountains near the town of Tragöß.


Some Info from: This Austrian Park Literally Transforms Into A Lake And It’s Totally Awesome