Pandemic Thoughts from Kaylynn

Kaylynn Waldron, Dedicated Writer

Here at Westlake we want to honor all the people that have been risking their lives to help us. This includes first responders, all of the hospital staff and everyone included in helping resolve this. Even though the news doesn’t talk about it, there are people that are getting better because of the outstanding people. If you want to be involved with helping your community, this is one way to do it! Write or draw things on the sidewalks with chalk, or make signs for your fences. Give the people around you hope! If you yourself are struggling, then try this. Turn off the news for a minute. Go outside and relax. Take a walk in the neighborhood. Do things that make you happy and that you enjoy. By turning off the bad news you see good news! People walking their dogs, talking and laughing. The flowers that are now starting to bloom. Find the beauty in the situation you’re in! Now i know some of you might be saying, “but what about school?” If you’re stressed about the online school, that’s ok! I was there when I first started it. And let me tell you, Mondays still aren’t that pretty for me. But, if you can find a place where you can relax and just breath, it might let you focus more. I had built a fort in my room with a blanket and it closed me off from the world around me and let me work in peace. Then of  course my cat sat on it and it fell, but it was still really nice for a while. In these hard times one thing you can do is try to see the good in it. The people who are alive today because of first responders. I know it is a hard and stressful time, but in the midst of it all there is one thing that we can always, always depend on. And that is Hope.



If you have any pictures please email them to me. And, if you need any other tips or tricks to help you I am always open to helping! [email protected]