The Sphinx Cat

(Week 5 Beat)

Lauren Falardeau, Dedicated Writer

     The Sphinx cat is a type of hairless cat. Their lack of hair comes for a genetic mutation that was passed down from Canada. However, The Sphinx is not actually fully hairless. They are covered with a very fine layer of fuzz. This cat has a texture similar to leather, as well as a long head, and webbed feet. Instead of on their fur, the Sphinx has a pattern on their actual skin. This pattern can still look like those of other cats. For example, Tabby and Tortoiseshell are very common patterns on the sphinx. Because of having little fur, the sphinx needs a lot of things to keep its skin healthy. First, they have very sensitive skin and can get sunburnt very easily. They also require weekly baths. According to “”, “For most cats, oil helps keep their fur sleek. But with Sphynx cats, it can form a greasy film over their bodies.” Also, without hairs to protect,  dead skin cells and dirt can build up causing a blockage in cavities such as the ears. But even with their high maintenance, they have still ranked the 8th most popular feline breed in the country! This is most likely because of their social and playful personalities.

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