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Penny, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Beats Ten 4-20-2020

Hi! How’s quarantine? I almost got COVID-19! Okay, I will explain. So I slept like normal UNTIL… I heard a cough… It was deadly. The cough was dry and cold. And then it happened again! I was so scared, I almost peed myself, (I did). Then a huge hand comes lifting the blanket and touches me. With all my might, I fought and hissed all I could. And I got placed on the ground… I tried to get back home, but I got grabbed and placed on a soft bed. I tried to walk away but kept being taken back! I finally got tired and went under the blanket. I was about to sleep but then I SNEEZE! Then AGAIN! I went to sleep! An hour passed and I got placed at my home, I ran to my tube and slept. BUT I COUGHED! I swear I had COVID-19. I drank water to get the COVID-19 away. AND IT WORKED! I WAS SO HAPPY! Well bye! Stay safe!