The 8:00pm Howl

Wally the Wolverine, Dedicated Writer

Have you heard strange noises in your neighborhood around 8pm? Millions of Americans around the country are going outside every night at 8pm to howl, cheer, or make  some sort of noice to show their appreciation for essential workers. People are howling for doctors and nurses, police and firefighters, grocery store workers and even those sick with our who have died from COVID 19.  Mrs. Martinez and her family like to howl every night to show their support to the people working on the front lines.  Westlake student Kailyn Cooper said, “I have been doing it for the people at hospitals because I know that this can be a really hard time for them if they are trying to help people and have to still go to work every day.”  Get outside tonight and listen for the howls. In fact, try it yourself and get your whole family to join you. Howling can help you release stress and can be a really fun thing to do. Show the essential workers you appreciate all they are doing during this tough time.  Send us your videos of you participating in the 8:00 Howl and you may be featured in the newspaper.


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