Penny’s Perspective on People #12

Penny, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Beats Eleven 5-20-2020

Hello! Long time no see! I’ve been trying to get my hands on the computer. He would be on there talking to people, or even doing school work! Everytime I would say when it’s my turn, he says after I’m done, believe it or not he just goes downstairs and goes outside, while I’m left with a password. I tried everything to get in, I tried “Pennyrocks1”, “PennyAmazing3” and “PennyNEMOAMAZING49”, And my results are only one of them worked! Just don’t tell him I gave away his password. Anyways, I’ve been… READING! This quarantine is making me crazy. It was a good book, “The Child Called It” And possibly I’ll make a book review about it, wink wink. That was a hint. I might be addicted to books. Well I might get my cage clean today, which is exciting! It smells like a garbage can with moldy stuff, but 10 times worse it’s so dirty and smelly. My papa been looking up hedgehog stuff, he found an amazing video I’m sharing with you guys. ( Have a good day!