Penny’s Perspective on People #12

Penny, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Beats Twelve 5-27-2020 

Hello. I didn’t post on Monday, because something bad happened. I didn’t get the virus, I did something terrible. I went to jail… Okay, so why I’m in jail because I walked into Walmart like a normal hedgehog would do, looking for some cat food and possibly chocolate. The a security officer walked up to me and said, “You need to wear a mask or leave”  because it’s the law. So  I came up with an idea, by just taking the woman’s mask who walked near me, and I grabbed her mask and got arrested. I’m in jail for 2 months! I need to escape! So can you come up with ideas on how to escape, (email [email protected]) because it smells bad in here. I got my hands on a computer thankfully, I haven’t been caught yet. My cellmate is a bearded dragon (aka my niece), she got sent in for trying to steal meal worms from the store. But I’ll keep you updated as much as I can. Oh no! The warden is coming in! Bye!