Unchanging Hope

Kaylynn Waldron, Editor

As I’m sitting here looking at the cursor on my screen, blinking on and off, I think about how it’s like hope. It’s there and then it’s gone and then back again. But, when I press my touchpad the cursor stays still. A solid line of hope, unchanging.

I have tried to write a lot of different things in the past hour, but nothing’s seemed right. So I deleted it all and sat there looking at the blank sheet in front of me hoping for something to pop into my head—but nothing does. At one point I just start thinking about everything. These past few weeks have been weird and hard.  There’s been nothing to do, because there’s no inspiration or feeling I have to try. One day, for whatever reason, I went downstairs and started sewing. I made a few pillows and tried and failed at making a purse. The next day I watched TV and played on my phone, completely forgetting about the fun I had yesterday. A blink of hope and then it’s gone.

Recently my family and I hung out and played games and talked and it was great! The next day it was the same thing. Back to electronics. Blink of hope then gone. I started to wonder. What is my unchanging hope? What keeps me going through the day? Something that changes but is always there for you when you need it. I thought about it for a little and came to the conclusion that it was my friends. Then I kept thinking and thought, no it’s more than that. Maybe my pets? Nope, something bigger. After a few days of not thinking about it, I got a text from a friend. She lives in Washington and it has been especially hard for her with everything happening there. She wanted to FaceTime and talk about stuff that has been going on in her life. When I got the text something just sort of clicked in my head and I went straight up to my room. To write this. Everyone has something that keeps them going and helps them grow. For me, it turned out to be the people that reached out to me. Ones that I could help and in return could help me. Those people gave me the need to keep working hard and a reason not to just play games all day. If you look hard enough you can see what you are meant to be doing in these times, how you can help people. You don’t have to do something huge, just find your unchanging hope and go from there.