Flora and Fauna

Me and my family went out to colorado springs today and we saw a lot of beautiful things including a baby bear and some teenage dears. We went to Garden of the Gods National park and while we were there we found a small parking lot area and step out of the car. In front of us was a huge red slab of rock coming out of the ground. On top there was a family of birds that had a nest there. Standing in the fresh air, away from the city and the cars and all that I felt very freed. Sometimes all you need to do to feel good is to reconnect with nature. We have the privilege to see the beauty of the nature around us, and that is truly amazing. This is a shorter article but what I want to encourage you to do here is to find some way to be in nature. Maybe fo camping, or do a hiking trail. You can even just drive of to the mountains and have the window down. Right now a lot of people are resulting to technology but instead of playing on your phone you should go outside. Read outside. Take a walk. Spray each other with a hose. Whatever you want to do, just try to do it outside. Let yourself relax in the surrounding beauty that is nature. Be free from all the things in the world for just an hour or so every day. And just close your eyes. Just breath.