Penny’s Perspective On People #13

Penny’s Beats Thirteen 


Hello! Long time no see! So how is quarantine? It’s been quite ruff for me. I was going to post in may, but something quite bad happened. Well, to start off. I couldn’t go outside for the most part because of the virus and we have poisoned our weeds. So I’m not allowed to go outside. But I have been watching movies for the most part. And biting fingers like the usual. But around mid-July, I lost my sister. Yes, it was bestfriend/niece. Liz, the lizard. That day me and my father sobbed and sobbed. It was quite upsetting. But I’m doing fine now. Well sort of, my brother last night bit me on the side. So today my father gave me a bath (which I hated). And played with me! Which is quite exciting! And overall, I have been just chilling right at home! I haven’t interacted with any of my friends. So, how is your quarantine going?