Our Own Way

Kaylynn Waldron, Dedicated Writer

It’s almost school! Who’s excited? I certainly am. For me the hardest part about quarantine was that I had no routine. Well that’s not entirely true. I did have a routine but all it contained was Netflix, food, and then more Netflix. And while that might sound like the dream day, let me tell you…. It gets old. Fast. So after a month of making an imprint on my couch, I started a new routine. This one was different, because instead of every day being the same, I did something else everyday. Woke up at 7:30, went on a walk and then during the day did something somewhat memorable. I cleaned my room, helped my parents out, exercised, and sometimes I had a lazy Netflix day. Being in this routine helped get me off screens and even though there were times I went back to them, at least it wasn’t for an entire day. This routine lasted about 3 weeks, and then Netflix and chill became my life again. One day I woke up and got on my computer. I put on a youtube video and then started playing a game on my ipad. My phone dinged and I kept playing my game while answering a text from a friend. I was on my electronics for at least 2 hours straight. I got up from my desk around 12 o’clock to get lunch and as soon as I looked away I felt a piercing feeling in my head. I ignored it and when downstairs. While I ate I watched tv and once again as soon as I got up the headache came right back. At the end of the day it was so bad not even ibuprofen was helping. So, I took all my electronics and locked them in our safe for a week. The results were amazing and I felt great! Instead of minecraft and  youtube, I took a course plus course, and did a daly workout. When it was time to take out my electronics I forgot. 

Sometimes when we are bored the easiest thing to do is pick up a device and let it take up all your time. But, when you put those things down, and pick up new things, new habits, and let those take your time, you might just find it easier in a way. If you ever find yourself not liking how things are in your life, change them. The hard obstacle I had been facing was not having something to look forward to, and just feeling weightless. I went to Cleveland for two weeks and it felt like nothing even happened. As we begin this new school year, find what makes you feel good, because feeling bad is something that all of us face, and something we can all change. We just have to do it in our own way.