What Could It Be?


Carter Watt, Dedicated Writer

Are the aliens warning us that 2020 is the year?

Could it mean that the sun is turning into a white dwarf?  

Could it be the red furious fires? 

The furious star, blinding any looks you give.

Is this the year?


I am in my backyard, breathing CO2, as the fires reach the atmosphere.

Taking pictures and not trying to go blind.

The sun seems brighter than ever!


The next day, the sun turns into an orange color, and by late night it has faded into yellow by the next morning. 

Turns out 2020 isn’t the year and turns out the sun isn’t turning into a white dwarf.

It’s the fires that release CO2 flooding the skies, and air pollution building up.

The fires are settling down in Colorado, but not in California and Washington.