Adopting A Pet – Change Your Life Forever

Asher Robertson, Dedicated Writer

This is my pet Penelope (Photo by Asher Robertson)

Hi, my name is Asher Robertson and I adopted a pet cat at the end of January. Her name is Penelope and I got her at the Foothills Animal Shelter.

I think it is important to adopt a pet.  Adopting Penelope changed my life forever. I have to feed her and do her litter and she helps me feel better when I am sad.

I interviewed Glenda Robertson, a Manager of Instructional Design at the University of Colorado, College of Nursing. Glenda has experience with adopting pets. At the age of six, she adopted her first pet, Sniffer, and has had a pet ever since. So this is what she said.

“When you adopt a pet, you are giving a pet a loving home which may be the first time the pet has had a loving home. The bond between human and pet is a truly special thing,” said Glenda.

I also interviewed Ms. Walsh, a 7th grade Science teacher at Westlake.  She has adopted every pet she has ever owned. “Having a pet in general is life changing. You have a creature in your life that loves you unconditionally, snuggles, and makes you happy. Adopting a pet adds to that. When you adopt a pet, you are giving them a chance to have a forever home filled with love (and treats! and toys!)!” Shared Ms. Walsh

You can adopt a pet at places like the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, The Good Dog Rescue, or the Foothills Animal Shelter.