Thoughts About Global Warming

Is it something that we should worry about?

Thoughts About Global Warming

Aubrey Thoming, Dedicated Writer

Do you think global warming is a problem right now? Why or why not?

Marie Thoming, age 42: Yes, I do. I think that it is the reason behind the fires right now.

Jim Thoming, age 44: Yes, we should be concerned about the climate and the environment.

Brayden Thoming, age 14: I think that it is a problem but we have bigger problems that need more attention.

Amy Thoming, age 44: I think that climate change is something that occurs naturally and humans have little impact on.

What do you think are possible effects of global warming?

Marie Thoming, age 42: More severe weather, hurricanes, harsh winters, glaciers, and ice caps melting. Also more energy will be because we will want heating or cooling systems more.

Jim Thoming, age 44: Lots of political debate, and also, we need to keep the environment in mind and monitor incoming changes.

Brayden Thoming, age 14: Ecosystems are dying because of natural heat, and polar bears are being affected because ice caps are melting, and other things.

Amy Thoming, age 44: Changes in weather patterns can cause flooding.  Increased hurricanes and drought.

Do you believe that global warming is going to be a problem in the future?

Marie Thoming, age 42: Yes, if things don’t change, we are going to have more severe weather and more species dying out.

Jim Thoming, age 44: Hopefully we all take steps to make a better, cleaner environment so I hope not.

Brayden Thoming, age 14: Yes, because we’re all gonna die.

Amy Thoming, age 44:  No, I do not.

What do you think is causing global warming?

Marie Thoming, age 42: Our demand for fossil fuels and energy.  Also, our throwaway culture when we throw things away before we need to.  Also, we need more clean sources of energy.

Jim Thoming, age 44: More of the sun’s radiation being trapped by the greenhouse effect.

Brayden Thoming, age 14: Humans, “cows farting”, and burning fossil fuels.

Amy Thoming, age 44: Increases in volcanic activity.

If you think that global warming is caused by some type of emissions, why do you believe it is so hard to stop those emissions?

Marie Thoming, age 42: The culture of easily being able to have access to energy at our fingertips and we don’t think that what we do is enough to actually make an impact.

Brayden Thoming, age 14: Almost all of our energy comes from fossil fuels and people like to eat meat, causing more CO2 emissions because of “more cows.”

Jim Thoming, age 44: People have very strong connections to their traditions and preferences. There are also large cooperations that are interested in protecting their revenue.

Do you think that humans have anything to do with climate change?

Marie Thoming, age 42: We have just ignored the signs that our world and systems are in trouble and we have not been willing to make the changes in our everyday lives.

Jim Thoming, age 44: Humans are definitely involved.  We need to reduce greenhouse gasses.

How much do you worry about/think about Global Warming?

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