How to Enjoy Halloween 2020 Safely

How to Enjoy Halloween 2020 Safely

Genesis Mejia, Dedicated Writer

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays. But how is it going to work this year? Are people going to go trick or treating or is trick or treating canceled this year?  What about pumpkin patches and haunted houses? Well in some places trick-or-treating, Halloween parties, and haunted houses are canceled. But in some places it might look like this:

  • Decorating houses
  • Carving pumpkins 
  • Virtual Halloween party
  • Halloween movie night
  • etc                                                                                                                                                                                           

These are some of the lower risk activities. And these seem like some nice ways to enjoy the day. The moderate risk activities include:

  • One way trick-or-treating (this is when there are goodie bags are lined up for people to grab and leave.)
  • When visiting pumpkin patches and orchards people would use hand sanitizer before touching/picking up apples and pumpkins.
  • Going to a one-way haunted forest where face masks are in use and people are more than 6 feet apart

Here are a few ways to enjoy your day. If you are going to do anything please make sure to be safe when going out. Anyways these are some of the activities that are higher risk.

  • Trick-or-treating, knocking on peoples door and the people give the kids the candy
  • Trunk-or-treating. This is basically when people set up cars with decorations and stuff and then kids wander car to car collecting candies and other mini items’

Here are some suggestions from Bernice, a Westlake student.

“Maybe watch a movie like “Hocus Pocus” or “Goosebumps” she suggests. “You could also carve pumpkins and make some treats like cookies,” she says. “If you are going out, make sure you stay the safe and social distance and wash your hands. Make sure not to touch your face, wear a mask, and try to disinfect the candy.”

Anyway if you are going to do any of these on Halloween please make sure you take proper precaution and make sure you are safe. Have a happy Halloween!