Cool Space Facts #7 – Mars and Full Moon

Charlotte Lussier, Dedicated Writer

Did you know Mars is very close to Earth right now? Approximately, 39.6 million miles (From as of October 14th. Since it is so close, I wanted to do Mars facts for this article. (All facts are paraphrased from Land Planet - Free image on Pixabay

#1.  On Mars, the sun looks smaller than on Earth.

#2. Mars has two moons. Phobos and Deimos.

#3.  The largest dust storms in the Solar System are on Mars.

#4. The sunsets on Mars are blue.

I asked Mr. Fitzgerald, an 8th grade science teacher, what his favorite things about Mars and the moon were.  “My favorite part of Mars is the intrigue of trying to explore another planet with satellites, probes, and maybe humans one day,” he shared.

Mr. Fitzgerald also said,  “I have loved a waxing crescent Moon since I was a kid.”

Finally, on Halloween night this year, there is going to be a blue moon. The blue moon is when there are two full moons in one month. A blue moon is rare, but a blue moon on Halloween is even more rare.  In fact, the last blue moon on Halloween was in 1944. After the 2020, blue moon, the next blue moon will be in 2039, 2058 and 2096!  So this Halloween, get outside and look at the full moon, knowing it will not happen again for a while.

(Blue moon dates from: