The World As Seen From Above, Volume 1


Art by Lydia Allen

Sophia K. Bell, Dedicated Writer


Hi! I’m Sophia, and I wrote this collection of stories. “The World As Seen From Above” is a group of stories that will never be told from a normal human’s perspective, hence the name. “Letter from a Ghost” is supposed to be the first of a group of letters from a captivating ghost. “The Dragon, The Bunny, and the Volcano” is a singular short story that is darker than you may expect. And “The Halloween of the Past” is haunting and spooky, as it is a tale of a horrid time much different from Halloween nowadays. These stories were quite fun to write, and I hope you enjoy them! Please note: All drawings by Lydia Allen.

Letter from a Ghost

I suppose, as I am a ghost, I should probably not care what mortals do. But they are so interesting! Like today, I saw the humans in a school, wearing face gloves, or what they call “face masks.” They look ridiculous. Oh, yeah, my name! I forgot to tell you my name! I’m Elizabella, your friendly ghostly girl! I died in 1920 when I was 70 years old and died of Spanish Influenza. The flu outbreak looked rather a lot like this “COVID-19”, honestly. I have decreased in age ever since, and am about nine years old now. I have brought myself into contact with a friendly mortal about every ten years. And now, I have acquainted myself with you, so consider yourself lucky, mortal. You must possess something that drew my unconscious mind to you. Keep that something with you, and I will always be an ally. If not, I do not know. So remember my name, and I shall not fail you. Goodbye for now.



The Dragon, The Bunny, and The Volcano

Once upon a time,

There was an evil dishonorable bunny that wanted to take over the world. The villain had recently come up with the idea to set off a volcano to accomplish this. But, the bunny had one enemy, The Great Dragon Windkeeper. Windkeeper could use the wind to manipulate things, such as to shove the lava in a volcano down back into the earth. The evil demon bunny Winifred was determined to stop Windkeeper and melt the world into his own. He was very close to it, from trying to set the dragon on fire, burying it, and freezing it. None of these attempts worked, so Winifred came up with his most diabolical plan yet, to kill the dragon once and for all, to light the world on fire: Winifred would fake his death. Knowing that Windkeeper would feel incredibly guilty if he were to kill Winifred, he taunted Windkeeper to attack him and save the world. But, when Windkeeper released a forceful wind on him, Winifred threw a stone into the volcano and hid behind a rock. Windkeeper thought he had perished and felt so guilty that he collapsed and roared a horrible roar. Without Windkeeper noticing, Winifred came up behind him. He hesitated for just an instant, but still pushed him in, set off the volcano. Winifred checked his tedious calculations, noting that he had an hour before it would blow. And when it did, the world would burn with Winifred’s vengeance.

The Halloween of the Past

Did you know that once Halloween was not purely to dress up and get candy? Do you know that Halloween used to be the most dreaded day of the year? Well, I guess not. But I must inform you of what genuinely occurred. Monsters shed their disguises and prowled the streets. Witches and Warlocks cast horrible curses on those unlucky enough to cross them. Vampires drew so much blood you would be easy for werewolves to jump at from the dark. The only thing preventing mortals from death was the pact all supernaturals had to swear on. They could not kill a human. And all humans had to stay far away from them all year long in return. It was terrifying. And people had to grow up fast in order to survive. You see, the only reason I know the truth about this is because I found a journal dating back to then, and it was quite enlightening. It was from a young girl who grew up over the five years that she knew of it. Everything she had experienced on Halloween was written carefully on the pages. And now, this information has been passed on to you. Beware.