COVID-19 Friendly Trick or Treating!

COVID-19 Friendly Trick or Treating!

Emma Smith, Dedicated Writer

Do you think you can’t go trick or treating this time of year? Think again!  Here are 5 fun ways that you can still have a fun and safe Halloween.

#1 – The first way you can have some fun with your friends on Halloween is by going to their door and booing them. Booing is where you get Halloween themed things or candy to put at someone’s doorstep, but the tricky part about is… you make it a secret about who you booed!!  What I mean is you put the things by their door very quickly, ring the doorbell, and leave. That way they will never know it was you. This is supposed to be a fun thing to do, not a prank!

#2  – If you don’t think that any kind of trick or treating is safe, this is the way to celebrate for you! Have a Halloween ZOOM party! This is a way you can see ALL of your friends’ faces and have some technology fun. Some things that you could do when you are on your call, share your costume, tell the story behind it, watch a Halloween movie, or you could make up your own idea.

#3 – Have a Halloween scavenger hunt! Get adults in your area to hide candy around your neighborhood, then when it is time, you can go around getting candy without coming in close contact with other people.

#4  – Do a trunk or treat with friends! Trunk or treat means that you and your friends family can make a decorative trunk with candy in it. Instead of going door to door getting candy, kids can walk around getting candy by going around to different car trunks.

#5  – This idea contains candy and kabob sticks. People can make kabob sticks with different types of candy on them. After everyone has all of that prepared, on Halloween night people can stick the kabobs in their front yard so kids can grab and go!

What the experts say: According to The New York Times experts say that kids should NOT go trick or treating this year,  but if you click on the purple link to read some more alternative ideas.

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