Check Out These Halloween Costumes for Pets

Abigail Smith, Dedicated Writer

If you are looking for a Halloween costume for your pet, then this is the scoop for you!

Pet Costumes | Martha Stewart

1. A Pumpkin Costume

A pumpkin pet costume would be the number one pet costume for me and many other people.(I am hoping) When I see A pet in a costume, it is always so cute! So, this would be the classic costume to get you in the trick-or treating spirit.

2. Hot Dog Costume

This hot dog costume for pets would be the perfect costume for a dachshund because they are long like a hot dog! This one is one of the classics. Most every pet store I go to  always has this costume during Halloween, and we actually got a hot dog costume for my old dog Kya. It was SO cute!


3. Superhero Costume

Superhero Dog Costumes Funny Pet Halloween Fancy Dress | eBay

This costume could be a variety of different Marvel Heros. You could make a whole squad of supers!!  In my opinion, a superhero costume is really original, I would definitely go a little bit more out of the box. You may disagree, but I just do not think this costume is my favorite.


4. Ewok Costume : Rubie's Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume, Small : Ewok Dog : Pet Supplies

If you are wondering what an Ewok is then here you go: Ewoks are from the ¨Return Of  The Jedi¨ Star wars movie. They are very cute creatures that the main characters in the movie find. In conclusion, this costume would be very cute because the Ewoks in the movie are like cuter than cute dogs standing on their hind legs with bandannas.  ( They are also really fuzzy).


5. Banana Costume

This is an idea brought by the fruit bananas! This is a great costume because when you have a fruit costume then your pets are complete. When you have your pet in this costume then you can also give your pet(If they can have them) a banana as well. If you get this one costume for your pet then you can try to find a banana costume for yourself!


6. UPS Driver Costume : BROWN_UPS PAL DOG COSTUME, Large : Home & Kitchen

I feel like when you search up Pet Costumes one of the most common things that come up is a UPS driver. This costume mostly comes up as dogs wearing it, but that does not mean a cat or a bunny could not wear it. So, if you use this costume for your pet, then please, take a picture of them so you can save the moment.


7. Cupcake Costume 

When you have a pet that is sweet dressed in something sweeter, then you just can’t say no. It is the heart of every dog’s spirit. on the inside I bet they could turn into a sweet treat, so if you think they feel that then get them this costume to make their dreams come true.


I hope you have made your final decision on what costume you are going to buy for your pets!