A Different World

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated Writer


There were three towns, the town of Charles, the town of Babwick, and the town of Amethur.  These towns were all controlled by something called “The System,” and none of the people in the real world, like you and me, could see these towns.  They were in open fields, and when people came to plant their crops, the towns would just hover above and none of the people even knew there was a town hovering above them.  Let me tell you a story one of my friends once told me.  She lived in the town of Amateur.

“Honey, come inside!”  All of the moms yelled in unison, at 7:30 pm.  The red and blue plastic balls from the children were taken inside, each sniffing a flower before turning in to the house. 

“What do you want for dinner, honey?”  the moms asked in unison,  softly stroking their childrens’ hair.

“Mac and cheese,”  said the kids, all smiling as wide as a lion ready to eat prey. 

“Of course, dear,”  the mothers said, handing each kid a jump rope so they could go play until 8:00 pm when dinner had to be served in every household. 

This was a normal day in the town of Amethur. Everyone was the same.  Each person was born with one role and a person would then think and live in that role for the rest of their life.  If a person was born a farmer, they would think about animals and plants all the time, with everyone else.  If anyone strayed from this hypnosis, they would be taken away, along with their family, who could have strayed away from this world with them. 

Lily 1456 Mom is a 13-year-old teenager whose role is to grow up to be a mom, yet she doesn’t believe in this.  She knows their plans.  You see, her father, who was 1678 (these are their numbers which are linked with what date and year they are born in) got taken away.  Luckily, their family passed the test for staying in their town. But the truth was that Lily had strayed from the way of life in Amethur for two years now.  She would get glitches where the system would be fully under her own control, and these were the nights of the Expectation.

Every month when the moon was full shining its glow, they would come.  Men in black suits would ask children questions, and they would all answer in unison.  Everyone in the same category thought the same thoughts and answered the questions in the same way.   But if someone would stutter, the men in black suits would take them away, like Lily’s father.

At 8:00 pm that evening, dinner was served. Lily waited until 8:30 to finally come downstairs, and right as Lily passed the almond walls leading to their slate blue and egg white kitchen, her plate was taken away from her and cleaned. 

“You’re perfect honey!”  Her mother said, reaching down to squeeze a cheek that was not there. 

Her mother turned her head, smiling at the place where her father once sat.  After a few moments of silence, her mother turned back to her.

“Your right! Lily, I know it is early, but you have a big day tomorrow, can you go to sleep now?”  Her mother smiled, completely unaware of the world.  Her mother thought that the world was perfect, her daughter was perfect, and that her husband was still there.  

“Oh, thank you, honey!”  Her mother yelled, hugging a child that was not there. 

Lily smiled a melancholy smile.  When she had first gotten out of the hypnosis, she would cry at this sight every night for a year.  But now, she was strong enough not to cry.  She had realized that there was no one like her.  She slowly smiled and walked back up to her room.  And she went into a deep sleep. 

To be continued…..