Halloween’s Blue Moon 2020


Kamila Briones, Dedicated Writer

This Halloween is going to be extra special! On 10/31/2020 there is going to be a blue moon. And some of you might be asking; “What is a blue moon?” or “What does a blue moon mean?”

A blue moon is when the moon looks blue-ish because of smoke or dust particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is also is the second full moon in a month.  It means that it is an extra full moon which means that it is really rare or that it isn’t often. Some people say that it will ether give us good luck or more bad luck as we need even more.

You may be wondering what causes a blue moon? The dust or smoke in the Earth’s atmosphere make a “filter”, causing sunsets and the moon to turn green and blue all over the world. Forest fires, dust storms, and etc. can also cause them.

This Halloween, while you are out having fun, don’t forget to look up in the sky and see the rare blue moon!