What is Halloween About Really?

What is Halloween About Really?

Conleigh Groce, Dedicated Writer

What is Halloween?

This is a traditional carved pumpkin

Most of us are familiar with the idea that Halloween is a day to dress up and eat candy, but really there is much more behind it.

Halloween was first celebrated as the Celtic festival of Samhain which was on October 31st every year. (Samhain was a word for Halloween.) The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain took place over 2,000 years ago where people would light bonfires to ward off ghosts. The area now known as Ireland, The United Kingdom, and northern France, always believed that the dead returned to Earth on Halloween or Samhain. Eventually, the festival of Samhain turned into what we now know as Halloween, a day full of fun activities.

Hundreds of years ago people would still carve pumpkins, it was a traditional thing that originated in  Ireland. instead of pumpkins, people would carve turnips or potatoes. When we started carving  pumpkins was when the Irish arrived in America and discovered the pumpkin. People agreed that should be the new tradition.

The idea of dressing up for Halloween has always been around. It wasn’t always the costumes that are around now, their costumes actually contained animal skins and heads. Some took this as a sign of wisdom so they would try to tell each other’s fortunes. People did not start to trick or treat in costume or trick or treat at all until the early 9th century. It wasn’t until the mid 1930s when trick or treating became a common activity around the world.