Penny’s Perspective On People – Entry #14

Penny the Hedgehog, Dedicated Writer

Penny’s Beat 


BOO! Happy SPOOKTOBER! How have you been doing lately? These fires have really been messing up my allergies. Also, this COVID-19 has been messing me up too, I can’t poop on my neighbor’s lawn anymore. AND, I have to wear a mask when I enter the store.

So, what are you guys doing for this Halloween? I am going trick or treating, hoping to not be tricked.  My father is making me a basket and we’re going to walk around, trying to get some good old fresh cat food! He would offer different types of foods, but he knows I’m picky.

In the photo, I’m chewing my broom because why not. And that Halloween basket that smells like paint is mine! Then there’s a new girl moving into town. She hasn’t moved in yet. But her stuff is here. She has a pink CASTLE and a creepy mouse! If only I got a castle. She is a cat, so not as bad.

But she better not take the attention away. I’m going to go trick or treat in five days! I’m excited! This is going to be my second time trick or treating.

I hope your Halloween goes well!  Stay safe!  See you later!