Principal Q&A

Principal Q&A

Kaylynn Waldron, Co-Editor

Me (Kaylynn) = Italics

Mr. Miller = Bolded

“Good Morning!”

“Good Morning!”

“So the first question is; Where did you transfer from?”

“So I have been at every middle school except for Shadow Ridge, and the one I’m coming from is Century Middle.”

“The next question is; What is your favorite Halloween memory?”

“I think that my best memory is just trick-or-treating and hanging out with my friends! And getting a bunch of candy!”

“Are you enjoying being in Westlake so far?”

“I really enjoy Westlake a lot, it’s a great place.” 

“Do you think that this system for COVID is working for right now?”

“I think that the system is working as well as it can right now. We all would love to be back in school and for everything to be normal, but for what we are facing, what District 12 has done and what superintendent Podolski has done, is about as good as we can do right now.”

“What are your hopes for next semester?”

“Everybody’s back in school, for sure.” 

“What is a final message for the students?”

“You know, just hang in there. It’s hard, and we are getting through this, but you guys are resilient. Your generation is going to change a lot and for the better, I truly truly believe that.