A Different World: Chapter 2

A Different World: Chapter 2

Victoria Bottner, Dedicated writer

TIP FOR READERS: If you haven’t read Chapter One, here is the link to go read it https://thewestlakeobserver.com/3737/fiction/a-different-world/.


 Lily woke up at 8:30 am, she wanted to go to school though she didn’t know why.  She had to grow up to be a mother, meaning that all of her classes only had to do with stuff mothers needed.

“Ok honey do you have your project for  school?”  Her mother asked a slate blue 50’s diner chair.

Then her mother’s head turned, revealing all of the curls she had done in the morning to make her 40’s hair cut. Her mother’s pink dress and apron had a big black stain on it from the iron.  Lily thought she had smelled burning last night. Her mother might have left the iron on because the system never told the mothers to turn it off. 

Lily sat down in the chair her mother had been talking to. After one bite of the breakfast burrito, it was taken away from her and cleaned off in the trash.  Her mother reached out her hand in front of her and started to walk to the red front door looking down on someone who wasn’t there.

“You are perfect honey, now let’s get you to the bus!”  All of the mothers stepped out of the house with their hands on their child’s shoulders.  Lily had been right, the system hadn’t told them to turn off their irons.  Every identical house she looked at had burned their apron.  The kids lined up to the school bus each getting in when their name was called.

“Alex 1359 Dad?”  Said the bus driver.  A boy who had green eyes and brown hair and looked around the age of ten climbed into the bus.

“Lily 7390 Mother?”  The bus driver asked with a wide smile.  A young girl around the age of 11 smiled and climbed on to the bus her blonde curls bounced, as did everyone little girls did.

“Alex 934 Waiter?”  A boy around the age of 12 climbed on. Even though he was two years older than the other boy, he looked like everyone else his age did. 

Lily looked over the hill before climbing onto the bus. A boy was standing on top of a hill, a little way away from the bus. He looked bigger than the rest that were on the bus.  Lily’s heart thumped. 

“Could there be someone like me?”  Lily tried to catch her breath. Her heart stopped beating for a moment. If it wasn’t someone like her then it could be one of the men in black suits.  She quickly acted like everyone else, not wanting to go where everyone else went when they were taken.

At school there were different classes, each class had a student of a type.  All of the boys were on one side of the dark green hall and the girls on the other.  Lily turned into class, “MOTHER 101.”  Lily hated this class, everyone got A’s and all they learned was how to cook, how to clean, ironing basics, Math, how to read stories to your kids (#boring), and how to be nice to everyone. If you were still in the system then you didn’t need school. The system already told you how to do everything right. 

At 11:58 am everyone in class lined up.  They marched down the hallway next to the other classes.  Everyone had their lunch and was seated by 12:10.  When Lily got to the lunchroom she  sped past the other kids in the lunch line. 

“Here is an apple baby.”  She would hear one lunch lady repeat in the small echoey pink room where the hot lunch was served.  Lily snatched an apple from a boy saying thank you to the lunch lady.  

She also grabbed a hot dog, and fruit cup.  She wanted something else to eat, but all that was left was a blue bar which said on it, “Don’t fight the system, have a blue bar!”  In big cyan blueprint. She had these bars when she first was out of the system, 2 years ago.  The next day at school her system glitched out. The snacks and meals they served prevented people from glitching out of the system, the more you ate the more control they had over you.

She sat down at the boy’s table, for engineers. No one noticed this, people thought that everyone was in their perfect place.  Lily wanted to soak up as much as she could. Lilly wanted to be an engineer… if she ever found life out of the system that is.  A boy sat down on her lap, completely unaware that she was sitting there.  She lightly pushed him onto the table so she could stay at that seat. At 12:30 a teacher came into the lunchroom and said that we all did such a great job that we would get off of school early.  Everyone gave one loud cheer, got up, and set out for the bus.