Mistreatment of Animals at Pet Stores

Conleigh Groce, Dedicated Writer

Sadly, there are animals from pet stores that are mistreated.  There are investigations that have revealed abuse, deprivation of food and water, and not enough space to live happily. There are animals who live in unhealthy and unsafe circumstances.

Where do pet stores get their animals?

Based on evidence from a PETA investigation, evidence showed in May 2016 that the PetSmart supplier mill was in 117 violations of 14 federal laws.  Evidence showed that animals were being supplied by discount breeders, animal mills, or very cheap breeders.

This 6 months PETA “undercover” investigation from 2017-2018 showed that the place some animals came from kept the animals in plastic bins, stacked on shelving units, and barely ever checked on. The facility reeked with feces. In fact, one hamster was attacked by a cat and the hamster was left to die.

Most of the animals found had urine-stained feet or severe illnesses, with no access to vets. It was also found that workers would grab chinchillas’ tails and would throw hamsters between boxes that were many feet apart.

Some animals were shown to have developed lots of stress from such treatment. In some cases, animals were served dirty water or no water at all, which led to death.

Another pet store chain called Petco faced two lawsuits around this same time and stated that it had already cut ties with these breeders, but an investigation found hundreds of orders from these places. 

Animals coming from these places can suffer from stress or depression, or other illnesses, and may not make good pets.

Do pet stores really know what they’re doing?

Based on PETA evidence from a March 2018 investigation in Metro Nashville, there was a criminal investigation because into a pet store  that would not provide veterinary care for any of their animals and they did this to “keep costs down.”

Large chain pet stores have had a number of incidents over the years. it is common for people working in pet stores to be trained for up to 16 weeks, but even after all that, some employees have been found just not being friendly to animals.

Another investigation by PETA showed that 47 dogs died in grooming sessions at Petsmart. On May 22nd in San Antonio, PETA found out somebody went to pick up their dog, Lexi, and when she was picked up, her gums were purple, she was breathing heavy and her tongue was blue. This seemed to be caused by some sort of trauma that happened during her grooming. Another person had another experience like this when their puppy lost circulation to his ear after a PetSmart employee tied a bow around their ear instead of their fur. This dog’s ear had to be amputated.

Poor pet store conditions like these cause lots of stress for some animals and can cause them to have heart attacks or suppress the immune system. Most Petsmart and Petco stores have a vet, but clients have reported after using their services that they think “that PetSmart hospitals are less than excellent.”

Animals have been treated badly in lots of ways at pet stores,

It is clear that some pet stores keep things like where they get their animals and things like that away from the public. “Away from public view and off-limits even to many of PetSmart’s employees, PetSmart’s back rooms hideaway the immense suffering of the littlest companion animals,” discovered PETA.  “While individual employees can try to show animals better care and treat them as more than just inventory, the policies of Petco themselves are unethical, and often cannot be modified regardless of the employee. Animals really ARE inventory to the company model.”