When Should We Start to Get Ready for Christmas?

This article will give you information on what Emma Smith (the author) thinks about when you should start putting up Christmas decorations, plus thoughts from other kids from Westlake, and what some of the teachers think. Enjoy!!


Emma Smith, Dedicated writer

What I Think

When do the people around you start getting ready for Christmas? Before Thanksgiving? After?  There is a wide range of approaches, but my recommendation is that people should wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to start.  When people get their Christmas stuff out early, they are missing out on a holiday that celebrates being thankful – THANKSGIVING!  You are basically skipping a holiday!!!   It sure makes me annoyed when stores get their Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving even happens!

What Kids Think

What Catalina Goss thinks is that you should get ready after Thanksgiving. “… you shouldn’t be too early but you also shouldn’t too late. December 2nd is definitely the right time!”

What Ava Davis thinks, “I think you should start decorating a few days before Thanksgiving or right after Thanksgiving.” Ava thinks that you should decorate at this time because, “I LOVE decorating! Especially for Christmas, and I love getting in the holiday spirit!”

What Sophie Davis thinks, ” I think after Thanksgiving is the right time to start decorating.” She thinks this because, ” It does not really feel like Thanksgiving if you are rushing to get to Christmas.”

Sheadyn Laird thinks that you should put your Christmas stuff out right after Halloween. Why does she think this? She says that there is just no reason not to – it is getting close to Christmas and it is time to get into the spirit!

What do you think? Should you get your Christmas decorations before or after Thanksgiving?

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What Teachers Think

Ms. Buffo’s (6th Science) opinion: “My vote is to get out Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.  I think it is important to take time during November to be grateful and give thanks and I think Christmas decorations can distract from that.  My family usually puts up our Christmas decorations on the weekend right after Thanksgiving Day.”

Mrs. Laird’s (6th Math) opinion: “We usually put our decorations up about a week after Halloween.  My husband likes putting up the lights outside while it is still warm out and we all love Christmas so it gives us more time to enjoy the festive ambiance. ”

Mrs. Skattum’s (6th Language Arts) opinion, “I don’t get my Christmas decorations out until after Thanksgiving. I like to keep the two holidays separated.”

Ms. Seckendorf’s (Art) opinion, “There really aren’t any “should’s” about this- you do you!! But- for me- I always get out our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving- and not a day sooner. And then- I take them down on New Year’s Day. That is the tradition that I grew up with and continue to do with my family as an adult. I don’t get them out before Thanksgiving because I absolutely love Thanksgiving and usually host people over at my home. So – my Thanksgiving decorations – pumpkins, dried corn, fall colored tablecloth is still out.”

Why You Should Not Get Ready Too Early

#1. Your Christmas tree can get ruined. If you get you REAL Christmas tree at least 4 weeks in advance, it might not make it. The tree will get dried out and not in good shape for Christmas.

#2. The dining room table is a popular item to decorate for any holiday, but if you decorate it before Thanksgiving, you won’t be able to really celebrate your Thanksgiving dinner with a Christmas table.

#3. You are basically skipping a holiday if you put out decorations too early. If you put out all of your Christmas decorations too early, you can not celebrate Thanksgiving because you are basically already celebrating Christmas.