A Microscope’s View of a Fish Scale

Alexander Lussier, Dedicated Writer

On my last article  “A Microscope’s View of an Apple”  64% of the people that voted said they wanted to see a fish scale under a microscope. And your wish is my command.

If you were wondering if it was easier to take the pictures, it was, because I knew how to do it. But it is still pretty hard because my phone has 3 cameras and sometimes the camera switches so I don’t know which camera it is.

Are you are wondering why the fish scale looks yellow-greenish? The reason is because the scale itself is almost clear so I had to put on a colored lens. The scale actually looks like this. I think that it is so weird how a little dot looks under a microscope.

So now you have seen 2 awesome pictures of a fish scale under a microscope plus 2 amazing pictures of an apple. So I have a question for you. What do you want to see next?

A Microscope's View of a Fish Scale


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